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sandra kahlon, OTR/L

Sandra Kahlon, OTR/L is an Expert Level John F. Barnes Myofascial Release practitioner and has over 350 hours in training with John Barnes and his instructors. Sandra also incorporates crainiosacral release, subtle energy body healing, and Reiki into her treatments.  Sandra has been practicing in the field of Occupational Therapy for over 25 years and is a Yoga Instructor with a specialty in Yin Yoga.  Her passion is helping others find joy and ease being back in their bodies again.

Sandra has recently received her Inner Alignment Transformation Coach Certification through Kim Beekman as well as a Soul Retrieval Healer Apprentice and is ready to help you: heal childhood trauma, release old patterns of negativity and harmful belief systems while teaching you practices to help you to truly love who you are and manifest the life, relationships, and love you have always wanted!


"After many, many attempts to deal with increasingly severe knee pain (including multiple visits to orthopedic specialists, physical training, an orthotic device, physical therapy, a knee brace, drugs, etc.), I was at my wit's end and with no relief in sight.  One MFR visit with Sandy and my knee "unlocked", shifted back into alignment, and started me down the path to real healing. She has the gift!"

Age 42

Saratoga Springs, NY


"Sandra cured my sciatica and knee pain when I thought all hope was lost of finding a cure. The treatments also enhanced my daily yoga practice by relaxing and unwinding my muscles and fascia. Thank You So Much."


Michael G

Age 65

Glens Falls, NY


 "Sandra is a talented, thoughtful bodyworker adept at healing a wide variety of aches and ailments. I booked a session with Sandra in hopes of shedding the migraines I'd been experiencing during my cycle. After a single session, not only did my migraines decrease significantly, but my cycle returned to normal for the first time since giving birth to my son in 2016. I left the session feeling like I'd had a really wonderful yoga practice, without actually moving a muscle. I can't recommend her highly enough!"


Amy R.

Age 35

Saratoga Springs, NY

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