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release yourself from pain and limited motion.

Individual Treatment Rates:

$110/1-hour session

$160/1.5-hour session

Initial Evaluation and treatment-$160

To help you to commit to your healing, treatment packages are offered at a discounted rate. We have found that treatment is much more effective when clients attend 3 times or twice a week.  Therefore, our packages are tailored for our clients maximum progress.
Please note that treatments may only be applied to your future treatments and may not be shared with anyone else except a spouse or child.  Sessions remain on your account until they are used or for one year, whichever comes first.  
Thank you for the opportunity to treat you!
How to Prepare

Please complete your intake form that can be downloaded and printed.

For MFR treatments, it is ideal for men to wear loose fitting elastic-waist gym shorts or underwear.  Women should wear either a bra/underwear, or 2-piece bathing suit, or loose tank top and elastic-waist gym shorts. This attire allows me to assess posture, perform movement tests, as well as access regions of your body for treatment without draping.

Please do not wear any lotions or oils on the day of your initial evaluation or any subsequent visits.  For effective MFR treatment, the skin needs to be clean and dry. 

What to Expect

The first visit includes a comprehensive review of your medical history followed by a postural and tissue evaluation. After the evaluation, you will receive 60 minutes of hands-on treatment and instruction in self-treatment techniques and therapeutic exercise.

Treatment Package Options:

(6) 1-hour Myofascial Release sessions:    $625($35 savings)

(6) 1.5-hour Myofascial Release sessions: $925 ($35 savings)

(10) 1-hour Myofascial Release sessions:    $1,000($100 savings)

(10) 1.5-hour Myofascial Release sessions:  $1,500($100 savings)

Download the Rate Sheet.


Cancellations require 24-hours notice

Post-Session Follow-Up

After a MFR session, you will be very relaxed and may notice immediate shifts in your body.  It is best if you avoid alcohol or other drugs for the remainder of the day to allow your body to integrate the benefits of treatment. If you are able to have some quiet time to reflect on the treatment and feelings/emotions/body sensations after your treatment, that is optimal, however it is not required.

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